Qatar to donate FIFA World Cup buses to Lebanon

Doha: Qatar is set to donate buses used to transport fans during the FIFA World Cup to Lebanon to solve the transportation crisis in the country.

The Minister of Works in the Lebanese caretaker government, Ali Hamiyeh, said in statements to news website, Al-Jadeed, that “Prime Minister Najib Mikati asked during his recent visit to Qatar to Qatari officials to grant part of the buses that were used to transport passengers during the Qatar World Cup to Lebanon.”

Minister Hamiyah added that the Qatari response to Mikati’s request was positive.

This request came in the context of the crises that Lebanon is suffering from, and the urgent need to enhance public transport capabilities.

The donations will include entire football stadiums and thousands of stadium seats and buses. Qatar purchased around 3,000 buses, in addition to the 1,000 they already have, which were used to transport fans for free during the tournament.

Some sources told Lebanese daily Al Akhbar that the Qataris promised to provide stadium seats for some municipal stadiums, as well as the sports city in Beirut. However, the Lebanese side suggested that the step include a number of buses only.

Qatar, in cooperation with FIFA, intends to dismantle some of the facilities it set up to host the World Cup and distribute them to a number of developing countries, especially those suffering from difficult economic conditions.

The donations will include entire football stadiums, and thousands of seats that will be dismantled from other stadiums, in addition to equipment, including large buses.


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