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Quizzmate is a fantastic SaaS with 5 types of online quizzes, all with a drag-n-drop editor that totally simplifies quiz creation. Even the most complex multi-branch quiz for narrowing people down into tightly focused targeted groups is a snap with this editor. Then, just copy the single line of code for pasting into any website anywhere, or posting to your social media. Viral sharing is built in, plus lead capture, emailing through the buyer’s SMTP, and more.

Did You Know: This method generated over $1,000,000 (that’s one MILLION dollars) in revenue for an online eyewear company, with 29,410 lead conversions and a 9,655% ROI… in just SIX months. A vitamin supplement brand used this method and got 16 times more email opt-ins! Drew Duboff used this method to generate 1,310 extra qualified leads from Pinterest traffic… without paying a single cent. A small teeth whitening brand employed this method to generate $123,855 and 19,212 leads. An organic skin care product creator used an interesting tweak on the method and scored 20,258 leads and $200,000 in sales in just 2 months.

THESE TACTICS WORK, because they trigger deep-seated psychological responses within the prospect. They WANT to participate, they WANT to complete the quiz… which sets up the best part, they WANT to opt in and/or buy what you’re offering them. No Matter What Niche Or Product Type You’re Involved With, If You Want: Increased Optins, Higher Quality Leads, Viral Traffic Boosts, More Sales. You Need To Add INTERACTIVE QUIZZES To Your Websites, Sales Pages, And Social Media TODAY. But, don’t worry… remember, you’re going to do it the easy way, in as little as two minutes. Introducing Quizzmate.

Thanks to Yogesh Agarwal, I get the results I wanted

Just 3 Simple Steps To Creating And Posting Your Own Interactive Quiz With Quizzmate:

  • Step 1: Login: Log into your Quizzmate account (no software to install!)
  • Step 2: Select: Select and create your quiz using their easy intuitive drag-n-drop quiz creator
  • Step 3: Copy & Paste: Copy & paste their code snippet anywhere you want your quiz to appear


It’s that easy. And here’s the best part. Online quizzes can generate 1000s of leads without spending a single cent on ads. Don’t believe me? Drew Duboff used an online quiz to generate 1,310 leads from Pinterest traffic without paying a dime. And companies like a small teeth whitening brand used online quizzes to generate 19,212 leads… and $123,855 in sales. And they did it the hard way, without the easy drag & drop of Quizzmate. Interested? Well, listen, Quizzmate is on a special launch deal right now. Be sure to act fast, so you get the best possible deal right now!



Vendor Pro Web Ventures & Pat Flanagan
Product Quizzmate
Launch Date 2021-Sep-07
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software, lead generation
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • With Quizzmate, You get all 5 Quizzes, with super easy drag ‘n drop editor and single line embed code that works on any webpage or website. Includes bottom bar with timer, survey system, lead management system, ability to setup emails so it send automatically or manually through buyer’s SMTP service.
  • The Engagement Quizz – This is going to be your go-to quiz! Starts with a Yes/No question to draw the prospect in and polarize them. Then, it progressively narrows them to your desired result, question after question. Add a timer and you’ll giver your prospect scarcity, plus the rush of adrenaline to complete the quiz on time!
  • The Poll Quizz – They call this “Research Reporter.” This allows you to create polls to collect opinions from your prospects. It also lets them enter answers for questions. EVERYONE wants to be heard, and you are giving them the perfect chance to state their opinion, feedback, and thoughts on whatever subject you want!
  • The Score Quizz – Competitors, start your engines! It’s so simple to set up a quiz, along with the correct answers. When the prospect reaches the end of the quiz, the score is automatically calculated and shown. And they will reach the end… nobody can start one without seeing how they score! Based on the score, you can then redirect the prospect to any lead gen or affiliate offer you wish. (Hint: These get virally shared like crazy!)
  • The Surveyor Quizz – This is the “Review Rater.” Another great tactic for drawing your prospect in for an opportunity to state their opinions! You easily add in quiz questions with ratings. For each question, the prospect can specify their rating and move on to the next question.
  • The Response Pumper – This one generates insane response! This is a simple question & answer quiz with multiple options. Scarcity and interactivity are pumped up to the max with a timer and a spin-the-wheel section. This is a complete experience for your prospect that will keep them locked in and on task (as you’ve directed them!).


  • The Affiliate Offer Sieve: Suppose you run a beauty website, and you have multiple affiliate offers for different types of makeup. You could add an Engagement Quizz to your website asking the visitor a series of Yes/No questions to find out if they’re interested in lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, etc. Then, at the end, send them to the appropriate affiliate program for the makeup they’re looking for. You got them to self-target and tell YOU what they want to buy!
  • The Market Researcher: Supposed you’re trying to decide what product you should develop next. Add a Poll Quizz to your website, and email your current buyers. Make the first question “have you already bought from me before?” That way, you have a set of separate replies from buyers and non-buyers. Ask them about the types of products they want to buy, and what problems they need solved. This is GOLD for your development.
  • The Lead Gen Vacuum: Use Quizzmate to build a list of highly targeted prospects for your own offers, affiliate offers, or to sell leads to businesses. Set up a Score Quizz with questions pertaining to the targeting you want to achieve.  For example, if you’re building a list of sports car enthusiasts, create a “history of sports cars” quiz (Google is your friend for trivia!). At the end, make them enter their email address in order to see their score. Ta-da! A list of people who are perfectly targeted for sports car offers.
  • The Competition Stealer: Use Quizzmate to pull new customers from your competitors. Set up a Surveyor Quizz that asks your site visitors their opinions about your competition. Ask them “Which of these 5 businesses have you shopped at?” (list of your closest competitors) followed by questions like “Rate the customer service you received.” At the end, tell them “They guarantee to exceed all of these scores” and give them a coupon in exchange for their email address.
  • The Prelaunch Parlay: Use Quizzmate to boost sales for a new product or service you’re launching. Set up a Sales Gen Quizz with simple questions and answers about what your product or services does. Tell them that for each question they get right, they’ll save an additional 5% off your soon to be launched product. When they get to spin the wheel, the options will increase their savings. They have to enter their email address to see the wheel results and their final discount total. You can then email them with the prelaunch offer!



Online quizzes and polls are just getting bigger and bigger, those who take action now will be poised to build massive perfectly targeted lists in the very near future. The reason lies in the fact that one of the primary factors Google looks at in its ranking algorithm is the average time spent on site.

This is how much time people spend on your site before leaving. Interactive experiences like quizzes, polls, and surveys are proven to increase the average time spent on site up to 65% or more!


If you can click a mouse, drag & drop, and copy/paste, you can add the power of interactive quizzes, polls, and surveys to your site! No tech knowledge, no coding, no headaches.

And do you know that there are many ways to profit from this product?

Here’s to name a few: Generate leads for your own offers; Generate targeted leads to sell to other businesses; Sift your incoming traffic by interest and send them to affiliate offers or put paid ads on your quiz pages for an additional income stream.

Suppose you run a beauty website, and you have multiple affiliate offers for different types of makeup. You could add an Engagement Quiz to your website asking the visitor a series of Yes/No questions to find out if they’re interested in lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, etc.

On top of that, you can use this to build a list of highly targeted prospects for your own offers, affiliate offers, or to sell leads to businesses. Set up a Score Quiz with questions pertaining to the targeting you want to achieve. You see the potential with this product is limitless!

And I can assure you that these tactics work because they trigger deep-seated psychological responses within the prospect. They want to participate, they want to complete the quiz, which sets up the best part, they want to opt-in and/or buy what you’re offering them!

In all, you will love how you can build multiple lists of perfectly targeted niches with a single quiz. Content creators can easily pump out sticky content that will lower bounce rates and keep people on-site for greater ad views and opt-ins. This one is a real winner!



Normally to get access to the software of this caliber, you would have to minimally pay $97 monthly. That’s $1,164 a year. But even at that price, Quizzmate would still be worth it, especially since it takes mere minutes to build a quiz and start seeing opt-ins from it.

Luckily for you, however, you won’t have to pay $97 per month. For a limited time during this special launch, you can get access to Quizzmate for a hilariously low one-time fee of only $27, pretty much what you’d pay for a pizza.

(Note: Price increases to $29 at 5pm EST launch day, with 50 cents increase every 6 hours)


To make this become such a no-brainer, the creators allow you to take Quizzmate for a full test drive over the next 30 days. Go through every type of quiz, put it to the test.

If you can honestly say that Quizzmate doesn’t live up to what they have claimed, you can get in touch with them and the support team immediately. If they cannot personally fix your issue, then they will issue you a prompt and courteous refund without any hassles.


  • Unlock Unlimited Quizzes!

Your current level of Quizzmate lets you create XX number of quizzes, which might be good enough for a few people.

But for the majority of people (like yourself), you’ll be able to create UNLIMITED quizzes! If you plan on generating a LOT of leads for multiple offers or niches, then it’s best to have no limits on what you can do.

With Pro, the possibilities are (literally) endless!

  • Unlock Unlimited Emailing!

You’ll love this… Your current level of Quizzmate lets you send XX emails through connecting your SMTP service. That’s a lot.

But if you’re able to create unlimited quizzes for generating huge leads and sales, you need to be able to send unlimited emails, as well…

So I’ve unlocked that capability for you! You won’t ever have to worry about hitting the limit when you have a highly productive campaign… or even a series of them! All your opt-in email messages will get sent, multiplying your results.

  • Unlock Completely Done-For-You Affiliate Email Campaigns!

This one’s really cool… I know you want to hit the ground running. You want to create your first quizzes and start generating leads.

To help you out, I’ve assembled completely done-for-you email campaigns, ready to mail, for 10 of the best affiliate offers out there. Just plug these in to an appropriate quiz and your leads get sold on the offers they’re perfectly targeted for… and YOU make the commission!

We’ve even included a pre-made quiz for each campaign, so this is TRULY 100% Done-For-You!



Your Quizzmate Agency Upgrade Comes With Everything You Need To Bring In Clients!

You can approach these businesses quite easily, in fact, you should already be realizing how… With a quiz!

When you upgrade to Quizzmate Agency, we include pre-made quizzes to help you generate targeted leads for your Agency services. It’s the perfect way to drive home the powerful potential of online quizzes to your potential clients.

You can reel them by posting these quizzes on your social media accounts, as well as on your pre-made 100% Done-For-You Agency sales website!

Huge Profit Potential From Producing Powerful Lead Generation Quizzes For Your Clients In Just Minutes! Each business client gives you up to five ways to profit from your Quizzmate Agency account:

  • Quiz Creation (charge a one-time fee)

This can be just a short consultation with your client to find out who their perfect target buyer is. When you have that knowledge, you can work your way backward, creating a simple quiz in minutes that weeds out the non-buyers.

  • Email Campaign Creation (charge a one-time fee)

This is as simple as writing a few emails offering a coupon or whatever promotion the client wants to run. They’ll basically tell you everything that needs to be in the emails. (Pro tip: You can reuse emails from one client to another, just change the promotion!)

  • Posting Their Quiz On Their Website (charge a one-time fee)

This should be part of your service. They don’t want to be bothered with this, so you’ll take care of it for them. Remember, here’s the work involved: Copying and pasting one line of code.

  • Posting Their Quiz On Their Social Media (charge a one-time fee)

Again, this is simple and quick for you to fulfill. It’s just sharing the quiz code on their social media accounts!

  • Ongoing Campaign Management (charge a one-time fee)

Once they see results from the first campaign, they’ll want you to keep going. Prepare a package price for them to have a new quiz campaign done each month, or even more frequently, whatever they want. It’s just a few minutes of work for you each time, with a high profit margin!



The Reseller Program allows you to sell our Quizzmate app for $XX after this special launch is complete, simply by sending traffic to my sales page through the special link we provide you.

You will get 100 licenses to sell, and you will make 100% of the selling price. You will also make 50% commission on all upgrades.

Of course, your results and success depend on your actions. Your results may vary. I am providing you with the ability to earn 100% of the Quizzmate profits and 50% of the proven sales funnel.

You are responsible for sending traffic to your unique reseller link. If you take no action and send no traffic, then it will result in you generation no income. Your actions define your success!



  • Will I have to pay any maintenance fees, overage fees, membership fees or another payment next month/year? A: No! By picking up Quizzmate in this special launch, you get a truly one-time payment service. There are no other fees to pay.
  • Can I get support if I need help? A: Yes! It includes 24/7 support. Just file a support ticket with your question and my technicians will be happy to help you. I also include a knowledgebase and walkthrough videos for training.
  • How many quizzes can I create with this? A: You can create up to 100 quizzes with Quizzmate.
  • What if I want to create more quizzes than that? A: You will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Pro version of Quizzmate for a special one-time low price, which allows unlimited quizzes, as well as creating quizzes for clients.
  • What if I don’t know how to make quizzes, or how to build a website? A: You don’t have to! Quizzmate does everything for you! Quizzmate’s easy dashboard practically walks you through the process of easily creating a quiz. Examples are included to start you off. If you have an existing website, it creates a single line of code you can easily paste into any website. Or, share your quiz on social media. It’s as easy as that, no knowledge necessary!
  • Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy with Quizzmate? A: Yes! I want you to be totally happy with your purchase. If you find that it is not for you, file a support ticket within 30 days of purchase and let us know the problem. If they cannot fix the problem for you, I will give you a no hassles no questions refund.
  • How do I know you’re not going to disappear in 2 months? A: That is an honest question. I use Quizzmate myself for my sites! If it closes, I go out of business. That’s not going to happen!



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